Calgary’s Autumn Open – Western Canadian Bowling Tour Event Summary

For the fortieth time this October long weekend most of Western Canada’s
competitive bowlers converged on Calgary. In their sights was the Autumn
Open championship.

Historically almost half of the forty Chinook championships have been won by an
Albertan. Bruce Morter of Edmonton leads that charge with 7 of 10 victories by an
Edmonton player. Morter’s feat ran between 1984-94.

Calgarian Adam Weber since 2006 has been giving chase to Morter’s record. Weber
has 4 wins spanning 2006-2011. Calgary contestants have won 8 times with 5 of
them being in the last 6 years.

During 1973- 1990 Vancouver bowlers held the trophy and cheques 8 times.
Vancouverite, Frank Lavigne accounted for the first 3 championships in 1973, ’74,
and ’75.

Pat Pinko from Prince George holds the distinction of being the only two time
winner 1996 and 1998.

Saskatchewan’s single claim to fame comes from Regina’s Don Clearihue winning in

For 2012 the event was shaping up nicely for a Saskatchewan victory. After the first
cut Saskatchewan’s Len Anseth led all competitors with a 287 average. Close behind
were 2 other homegrown bowlers, Lonny Akers, and Kevin Rak.

Anseth and Akers were raised on Prince Albert’s Minto lanes. Anseth (430) and
Akers (408) had the only 400 singles of the tournament.

In earlier qualifying rounds Saskatchewan was also represented by; Todd Vogan,
Jennifer Heron, Adam Martin, Glenn Tarasoff , Brad Holfeld, and Curtis Heron.

Qualifying for one of the final 16 match play spots required a 254 average. On a
typical day a 254 average would be easily accomplished by our Saskatchewan
contingent unfortunately it became an uncommon day.

Four former champions progressed into the 15 game round robin match play finals.
Adam Weber, Bruce Morter, Derek Home and Vince Chartier. Weber led the semi
final round averaging 298.

Weber continued his leading ways in the finals. By the sixth game he had gained a 3
digit lead on the pack of fifteen. By game 10 Weber was averaging 298.

In an event where match wins are worth an additional fifty points added to your
pin fall there can be significant back and forth battles. By game twelve of fifteen a
switcharoo took place. Weber’s brother Rich moved to first. Perennial champion
Bruce Morter moved into second, Mark Miller snuck into third and Adam Weber
dropped to fourth. With just 3 games to go seventy- five points separated fourth
from first. With one game to go Adam Weber had reclaimed first.

When the final pin fell Adam Weber was bounced from first to second by Mark
Miller. Weber easily topped the competitor averages with 285 but was unable to
make up the 3 match play win deficit given to Miller. Miller finished with 10 wins
and a cool 18 points up on Weber. Weber’s brother Rich pulled in third in part on his
success winning eleven of fifteen matches. Morter snapped up fourth with 10 wins.
Fifth place was won by Edmonton’s Jennifer Baker. Baker joined Rich Weber as the
only players to win eleven matches.

The total prize purse was $24,000 with $4,000 going to the champion.


Tom Paterson

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