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Bowl Canada has been monitoring the developments of the Covid-19 pandemic very closely to ensure that the community is not put in a dangerous situation and that we do not jeopardize society in general by propagating the medical issues of today. We’ve absorbed the warnings of all levels of government and are aware of growing restrictions being placed on all manner of social gatherings in attempts to slow the rate of exposure to the Coronavirus.


While no one has a crystal ball and can know with certainty how Canada will be faring in early May, it is becoming quite clear that life is currently not business as usual, and will not be for some time. Estimates from varied sources now predict it will be June-July-August before we are out from under this shadow.


Bowl Canada therefore announces that the YBC Nationals will NOT proceed in the scheduled May 3-4-5 timeframe.


Taking government restrictions into account, not least of which the City of Calgary’s declared State of Emergency, we would be contravening Calgary’s declared restrictions, and likely provincial restrictions as well (in coming days). We therefore cannot, in good conscience, proceed as scheduled and we are very sorry to bring you this news.


The prudent course of action, we feel, is to look past this schedule to a time when we have a better chance of being able to gather in Calgary to conduct our cherished YBC Nationals. We therefore have been working behind the scenes on a contingency plan to reschedule the Nationals over the summer months. Assuming the pandemic has quieted by then and that all required facilities are available and can be renegotiated, etc. (in process) we will work towards this and be in touch once any details have firmed up either way.


While the outcome of a rescheduled YBC Nationals remains uncertain, it is a hope and gives us something to look forward to.



Thank you,

Youth Bowl Canada

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