Masters AGM Information

The Masters AGM will be held on Sept.19th, 2020 at the Saskatoon Inn,
Saskatoon, starting at 2:30 P.M.

This meeting is for all current MBAS members in good standing.
It is an in-person meeting, with government regulations restricting
us to allowing only 30 people to attend, so very limited seating will be available. Priority seating will be given to current MBAS executive members and other provincial bowling organization dignitaries.

All attendees will be required to sign a waiver and a declaration
before admittance. Face coverings are recommended and social
distancing protocols will be adhered to.

If you wish to participate but are not comfortable or unable to
attend in person, a zoom webinar online option will be made available
for you. We will require notification of your choice to attend in
person or online by Sept.14th, 2020 so we can try to accommodate
everyone and provide you with details as to how to sign in.

Please send this information to Karin Kirkland at [email protected].
If you have questions or concerns please forward these to Karin as
well, at that time, to make sure they can be addressed.

Elections will be held at this meeting due to the postponement of our
SAGM in March. Up for election, for two year terms, are the President and the even zone reps, Saskatoon, East Sask., Moose Jaw, and P.A. as well as for a one year term Regina.

Les Wardrop

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