Welcome to the New Saskbowl.com

Welcome to the new saskbowl.com. Many changes have been made to give the site a refreshed look and some added features. Some of these new features include:

  • New Layout– As you can already see the layout and look of the site has been refreshed. Look around to find all the same information that was on the “old” saskbowl.com.
    • Tournaments have been organized under the organization that they are run by. Example: Great Western Open is under S5PBANational Classified is under Bowl Sask and all 10-Pin tournaments are under SPTBA.
    • Money tournaments and Youth tournaments are on the Tournaments page.
    • The Calendar page will be updated as soon as the 2012-2013 Schedule of Events is finalized.
  • Tag Cloud – On the right side of every page there will be a Tag Cloud. This will show the topics involved with each News Post. The bigger the Tag, the more it has been used.
  • Twitter
    • Follow the Bowling Federation of Saskatchewan on Twitter (twitter.com/saskbowl).
    • There is now the option of tweeting each news story or event on Twitter to your followers.
    • Also on the right side of each page is a Twitter Feed showing any tweet involving 5-Pin Bowling.
  • Comments
    • Visitors can comment on each News Post. Provide congratulations, ask questions, etc.
    • To post a comment: create a username, provide an email address in the spaces provided and then type a comment in the box provided
    • Visitors will also be able to comment on Tournament pages to show support.
    • Most Recent Comments will be available for viewing at the bottom of each page
  • Archived News Posts & Search options
    • At the bottom-middle of each page is the Archived News Posts based on the month of posting.
    • Located at the bottom-right side of every page is a Search Box to search for any events, news, forms, etc
  • No More PDF Plugins
    • All PDF files will now open in a new tab/window using Google Document Viewer instead of requiring visitors to use Adobe to view PDF files.
    • This new method will also improve site/file load times dramatically
    • To print or save a PDF, use the Google Document Viewer Toolbar located to the top left of the page

Hope everyone enjoys the new saskbowl.com, and thanks to the Bowling Federation of Saskatchewan for providing me this opportunity!

Adam Martin